This is not the sort of blog that usually posts YouTube videos, but A) I have had a really horrible day and here is a post and B) the whole world needs to see this.

I am very serious.

That’s because this video, is of Elbow at the Playground Weekender music festival I attended a little over a week ago, playing the song McGreggor. I already wrote about how won over I was by thier set, but this video (even with the really crappy sound and image quality) is proof of why.

Like you needed it.

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  1. with the intimate style of festival that was playground weekender i may well have seen you or been in the same line for food as you and not even realised it hahaha!

    i think next time if we all organise it better we shall all be able to catch up… i didnt even get to catch up with angus coz of no reception and at times we were not only watching the same band, we were exact same side of stage (im using his photos as a marker).

    crazy stuff!

  2. Aha, you know, reading some reviews of the festival from other bloggers I think that happened more than once. Next year we will have to have a blogger meeting point or something 😉

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