Oh well, then do the twist

Things to be happy about tonight –

1) Rain, rain, rain. The temperature is bearable for the first time in days.
2) Jack and Meg White. Tomorrow night. Horden Pavilion. I MIGHT DIE.
3) My clothesline being free of someone else’s clothes. Conversely, please refer to point 1. Fuckers!
4) Tickets to see the Mountain Goats at the Annandale on April 19. I’m not sure how I will last that long without bursting.
5) Tara coming home. And me being confident of that.
6) Mum phoning tonight sounding happy and excited for the first time in months because Untouchable Face was being played on Triple J. ‘I just had to pull over and phone you because I know how much you love this song and I have never heard it on the radio before and they hardly ever play Ani and I knew you were the only other person who would understand!@^!’. Turns out eliminating full stops from sentences when you’re excited is genetic, because I’m a shocker for doing that.
7) Blistex watermelon lip balm. It tastes like heaven might, if there were such a place.

Okay so I just spent the last few minutes laughing uncontrollably. It’s probably over tiredness, but the ridiculousness of pegging my clothes out on the line in the rain sort of struck me while I was doing it.

And I’ve found reading migration regs is a sure-fire way to put yourself to sleep. It really works, until about 45 minutes in when you (well I) wake up with the usual panic slash anxiety slash yuckiness. It’s getting better though – last night I got about 5 hours solid sleep I reckon.

I’m kind of dreading Thursday. The boat on the harbour was a nice idea, but really I just want to sit with Hellen and Tony at the Sandringham Hotel listening to the Hottest 100. In the aircon, with alcomahol etc. Oh well, I’m sure it will be nice.

And besides, if anyone gets too annoying I will just push them off the boat.

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