Here it comes? There it goes

So daylight savings has finished. I’m in two minds about this – on one hand it means the end of summer, and invariably leaving work every night after the sun goes down. On the other hand it means cold nights and doonas and overcast skies and bed socks and flannelette pyjamas.

It also means I’m up at 9am on a Sunday.

Also, I had a teeny tiny too much to drink last night. Community service announcement – if you’re feelin’ the melancholy, and you’re looking for reasons to pick fights with yourself, steer clear of the vodka eh?


I also need to make lists. Lists of what work stuff I need to get done today, lists of what I need to achieve before I head to Cowra, lists of stuff I need to get done for the wedding, lists of phone calls I need to make and emails I need to send. It’s the only way any of this is going to be achievable.

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