Summertime as it melts into dark

I was going to post tonight about the Great Escape.  I really was.  But then I started emailing people, and then I started chatting online, and then it became 11pm.  And really, I should go to bed now.  I have a fuckton of work to do tomorrow and I need to kinda concentrate.  Well, at least if I don’t want anyone to be deported.

That would be bad.

I am so loving the new New Buffalo album, Somewhere, Anywhere.  It all started with Cheer Me Up Thank You and right now it’s all about Stay With Us.  There’s a lot to love about this album, including the sparse and almost quirky vocals, the sweet melodies, and the very good lyrics.  It’s heart salve is what it is.

On Saturday night, if I don’t BURST WITH ANTICIPATION between now and then, I see Wilco.  Wayne posted a dream set list and I tell you, it’s not half bad.  If they come even close to this I’ll walk away deliriously happy.  I hope they balance out the new stuff with the old – seemingly from past set lists they’ve done this, but I guess you never know.

We all need to send collective brain vibes to Jeff et. al. so they play Shot In The Arm, okay?  Thanks.

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