Do you still love rock and roll?

Holy cow people.  It’s only April, and 2007 has just delivered another gig worthy of consideration for gig of the year.  And we all know how good that Mountain Goats gig was, right?


I just cannot wipe the grin from my face today.  This is actually for a few reasons, but one of the main ones is the sheer awesomeness of what I experienced last night at the Enmore.  One of things I love about live music is how unpredictable it all is – so much can go wrong.  Last night, though, I hazard to say that that Wilco set was perfect.  Not so much WHAT they played (Ashes of American Flags or Reservations would have been amazing) but just the way they ripped through the set, how they threw all of themselves into each song and how every one of the musicians in that band, in their own right, is amazing.  And Jeff Tweedy, am I right, has one of the best live voices around.  We were saying last night that even though it’s not technically staggering, there is just something about Jeff Tweedy’s voice.  I could listen to it all day.

Anyway, I digress.

It’s hard for a gig like this to list highlights, considering the whole damn thing is one phenomenally awesome blur, but highlights for me were I Am Trying to Break Your Heart (alternately crashing and delicate), Muzzle of Bees (so beautiful), Via Chicago (WHOA with the drumming!), Impossible Germany (one of my favourite tracks on the new album), Jesus Etc. (the crowd didn’t let Jeff down and sang along nicely), I’m The Man Who Loves You (I very nearly lost myself at this point), The Late Greats (this song is so much fun live), and Misunderstood.  When the band got to the point of Jeff shouting out NOTHIN’, NOTHIN’, NOTHIN’ over and over again, I’m pretty sure I wasn’t the only person in the room a little dizzy with the awesomeness.

Jeff Tweedy is a funny guy too.  I really love it when bands interact, or at least try to, with the crowd, and last night his jokes about NSW/QLD rivalry and Tasmania really won the crowd over.  They played for a little over two hours and the second encore was at least 40 minutes long.  Honestly though, the whole show felt like it took 10 minutes.

My main man Glenn Richards also didn’t let the side down.  I really love Augie March, anyone who knows me even remotely well knows that, but to hear Glenn last night on his down, with just Kiernan on the harmonica, was a real treat.  You can love or hate or be ambivalent about Augie March, but you can’t argue with the quality of the songs.  I think last night, when I watched Glenn’s set, that’s what stood out to me.  He writes truly amazing songs.  Highlights were Bottle Baby (SIGH), a cover he did of Ohio River Boat Song (by Will Oldham) and also a hauntingly beautiful acoustic version of This Train Will Be Taking No Passengers.  I was also so happy that the crowd was quiet and respectful and listening.  Black/white to that Metro crowd recently.

The Enmore is also quickly cementing itself as one of my favourite live music venues in Sydney.  Every gig I’ve experienced there has been good to amazing, and the sound quality and lighting is always so good.  When they clear all the chairs out from downstairs it just feels so right.  I am very, very excited to experience the Black Keys there in a few weeks.

Both Wayne from Oceans Never Listen and Sean from A Reminder have very nicely posted set lists and also written really good reviews.  I’m sure though, given a few hours, there will be Sydney blog frenzy about last night.

I’m going to go and try and sleep for an hour before going to the Annandale tonight with the sister and Disco Stew to see Agnostic Front.  I’m not sure there could be two more different gigs to attend in one weekend, but what the hell.  I’m game 😉

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2 Replies to “Do you still love rock and roll?

  1. I’m so jealous of you right now, Missy.

    God. The last minute of Muzzle of Bees makes me want to cry.

  2. You’re not alone there. Also, I swear to God, when Jeff picked up an octave in the last verse of I Am Trying To Break Your Heart, I nearly lost my heart out my mouth.

    I still get all goose pimply thinking about it.

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