Walk a little farther to another plan

Whoa.  Today was nuts.

This is me going to bed before 11pm.  I KNOW!  Who’da thunk it.  Tomorrow, though, I have to fit both Tuesday and Wednesday into one day.  So I really should get some sleep.

I had so many good intentions about packing my books tonight.  Didn’t really happen so much.  Not happening tomorrow night, either, what with the 7:30pm conference call at work and then possibly drinks after.  Definitely not happening Wednesday night, what with the music festival and all.  Friday through Sunday is definitely out, what with the staying in Newtown and what not.

That leaves Thursday.  AHA!  Oh well.  Some things are more important than packing.  I figure worst case scenario is that I back the horse float up to the front door, clear the place out front to back, and sort it out when I get there.

I found boxes on Saturday morning.  That’s a start, right?

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