More than life

  • I got nothing much tonight – a day of work stupidity following a day of music awesomeness has put a stop to my brain function.
  • I’m a little giddy, but in that good way.
  • It’s really damn cold here tonight.
  • I might take the extra doona to la Hotel del Probert, just in case.
  • So much is happening.  It’s all exciting and wonderful and terrifying and fast.  It’s left me a bit breathless.
  • I really, at some point in my life, should see a whole live set by Dappled Cities Fly.  I really think it would be worth the effort, because every song I’ve ever seen has been fairly awesome.
  • Old Man River + Whitley = great.
  • You should all go read the latest blog entry by Brad Zellar.  My god.  His writing all at once does wonderful and terrible things to my heart.
  • That is all.

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