Never mind about the benefits, never mind about the cost

I’m always in a rush. I’ve given some thought to that this afternoon, and I think it’s because of how much I over think things in my head. Generally any situation or possible situation is turned over and over and around and in and out of my head so many times that I have lived and relived it. It means that by the time the actual experience comes around I’m always anticipating. And rushing. There are some mantras here I should probably recite to myself – savour the moment, let things take their course, all in good time etc. etc. I don’t have to get to the destination as quickly as I possibly can – the view along the way can be worth seeing.

Such a good weekend. I forget, often, what it’s like to pull yourself away from the day to day blah and to completely immerse yourself into another thing or another person with little distraction. Today I’ve emerged with some apprehension about the week and kinda blinking and squinty – the bright and harsh reality of work and moving next weekend kinda slapped me upside the head today when I hit Parramatta Road.

Still, there’s some excitement about the move on the weekend. New physical space to match the new head space. Well, increasingly new head space. And genuine gratitude as well – there are people coming out of the woodwork everywhere to help. Somehow I have a horse float and an army of helpers organised for Saturday and I haven’t had to do a thing. Without asking, every person at work has started saving boxes. It’s really, really nice.

Tonight I’m having a go at the books and the CDs. I sorta thought I might leave the CDs till last, seeing as I KNOW the second I pack them away I’ll get to thinking I just MUST listen to Beautiful Freak by the Eels or something but it’ll be stuck in a box somewhere. I think I need to get that stuff out of the way first though, the surface stuff, before I tackle the cupboards.

Otherwise it’s early to bed for this girl tonight. I can’t stop yawning.

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