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Problem with taking some time off from the writing thing, is you never know quite where to start again.  Particularly when you factor in the sheer amount of STUFF that has happened in the last week or so.  So, here is another post in point form, just to kick us off again.  Suck it!  I promise when I’m back at home in the evenings (and unfortunately, due to Plans over the next few days, this will unlikely be until Tuesday or Wednesday) I will get back to writing actual sentences.  Actual sentences that lead into other sentences and make some literary sense.  Or something.

Hang on, did I ever make literary sense?  Or literal sense?  I’ve had far too much wine to be thinking about that.  Oh well.  Anyway –

  • I am an aunty.  Isabell Page arrived on May 9 at around 8PM in the evening.  For some reason, whenever a baby happens (happens? is born) people give you statistics.  So here they are – 6 pounds 12 ounces, 48 cms long.  I’m told this is small.  Anyway, I’ve seen photographs, and I can say without (cough) bias, she is the most BEAUTIFUL  BABY IN THE WORLD.
  • I am IN the new house.  And can I tell you, it’s a revelation.  So much space.  An actual oven that actually works.  My own laundry and clothes line.  It’s the little things really.  Still, the vibe is so very good.  I might not be sure of where I’m headed, but in the mean time I’m going to be very happy here.
  • Tonight I had my first guests for dinner.  We had chicken and wine and we discussed things.  It was really, really nice.  There will be a house warming party, and other various things, I’m sure of it.
  • This is going to be a happy house.
  • Today, due to an unfortunate incident involving a tradesman driving a van who was CLEARLY BLIND, this morning I ended up on an exit from the M2 that I wasn’t necessarily aiming for.  As a result I spent 45 minutes driving around St Leonard’s and Willoughby.  Not so much fun when you’re running late for work.
  • I wonder why it is that whenever I am a bit tipsy I can spell necessary and when I’m sober I can’t.  According to Ben I ask this question every time I’m drinking.  I had no idea.  Note to future self: when you’re drinking avoid the word necessary altogether.  Okay!
  • Tonight I am listening to Sunset Rubdown live and it’s really the most perfect thing to be listening to at this particular time.
  • I should go to bed now though.  Tomorrow I have stuff on.  Good stuff.  But stuff none the less.
  • See y’all after the weekend.

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  1. thanks for making chickens mangsa

    also, you didnt mention getting fotel.. i’ll bring around the ammo to throw at the tv when bill o’reilly or brit hume, or sean hannity is on.

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