Random things that are currently eliciting CFG squeals

Firstly, this.  When I was told about this I was excited about the potential awesomeness, and while no one does Palmcorder Yajna quite like JD does, or with the same angsty gusto, Mr Gibbard gives it a red hot go.  You should all go and watch and be astounded at the amalgamation of such genius.

Secondly, Cokemachineglow has posted this interview with my main man, John Darnielle himself.  I’ve been a bit absent from the interwebs the last few weeks, what with moving and Other Things going on right now, so I am very gradually catching up.  At CFG HQ Mountain Goats news generally takes reading priority over ever other thing (with the exception, perhaps, of Brad Zellars’ blog, because I have a mad internets crush on him), and an interview like this makes me giggling and dizzy.  The reason for the giggling dizziness can be summed up thusly – NEW ALBUM OMG.  And this comment – ‘It’s a dark record but it’s more up tempo than you’d think. I’ve got a bunch of new songs and they lean towards the fairly dark stuff.’  Up tempo is good, John.  Very, very good.  I mean, I’m a converted fan to Get Lonely and all, but fer serious.  Bring back the rollicking anthems.

Thirdly, I have been a tiny bit (read: an enormous amount) obsessed with a Wolf Parade song (MySpace warning).  I haven’t been so taken by a song since I first heard One Crowded Hour on the radio.  I tend to do this occasionally – something will grab me by the insides and not let go, and it’ll be an all encompassing, all consuming beast until it runs its course.  I think, though, I’m probably getting to the point where I can listen to something other than I’ll Believe in Anything by Wolf Parade in the car and at home.  Maybe.  We’ll see.  The song is amazing.

Forthly… actually, forthly gets it’s own post.  The Black Keys need their own post.  So there is no forthly.

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