Just got to be

Sunday night saw me back at the Enmore, scene of the almost perfect Wilco gig of a few weeks ago. I was pretty damn tired – a big weekend had left me kinda limp raggy. Fortunately, my company and the music won out over the yawning and the squinting.

I’m actually not going to write a lot about it, but suffice to say that Dan and Patrick lived up to every expectation I had going into that gig. They have quickly become one of my favourite bands to see live, and you’ll rarely get a chance to see such passion and musicianship and out and out grunt on a stage anywhere anytime.

I was saying to Ben on Tuesday, I have never seen someone play the guitar like Dan does. Half the time he was finger picking with his fretting hand, and he was playing a lot of open chords and sliding chords. I couldn’t hear that he had any weird tunings though – he seemed to retune a couple of times, but seemingly nothing too far away from standard tuning. And I know they crank the base at their shows, but holy cow I swear it sounded like there were two or three guitarists up there at various points – I don’t know how he manages the base lines and the guitar licks at the same time, but he does. And I just love that he plays the same guitar all the way through the show (at least, I didn’t notice any changes). It’s just straight up, down and dirty rock and roll.

And Patrick is a machine. There is just no other way to describe it. At one time, between songs, he looked exhausted enough to fall of his chair. He’s like a thing possessed behind that drum kit.

Two highlights from the night for me was the opening of Thickfreakness running into 10AM Automatic, and then later Set You Free running into Your Touch, two of my favourite songs.

Wayne has posted a setlist. He’s good like that.

They come back pretty regularly, and they said they’ll be back soon, so that’s something. I can’t hardly wait.

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