The Bible-black predawn

We have it on indie rock authority that caring is creepy.  I think, rather, caring is kinda scary.  The more you care, the more you have to lose.  There’s a safety that comes from not caring at all.  To live safely though is to not fully live, and d’you know what?  I’d prefer to take the risk.

Good Things –

  • Sufjan Stevens.  Just generally, not really anything specifically, other than the fact that listening to him at work today saved me from possibly hurting someone.  Mr Stevens please tour soon.
  • Sara Lee Ultra Chocolate icecream.  It should be illegal it’s so good.
  • All night conversation that finishes when the dark does.
  • Lazy Sunday mornings + Neutral Milk Hotel.
  • Cold War Kids on Friday night.  Hooray!

Yep.  It’s all very, very good.

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