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So last night, when contemplating the potential awesomeness of a Sufjan Stevens live show, I came to thinking about who I’d really really really love to see live this year.  Then, because I like to torture myself, I was thinking about who I’d love to see live regardless of circumstances.

So, here is a list.  There are dead people on this list, yes.  There are defunct bands on this list, yes.  Basically it’s bands and/or musicians I’d possibly give a limb to see live some time soon, regardless of how many times I’ve seen them, current music producing status aside.  There are musicians on this list that wouldn’t hit my all time favourite list, but because I A) haven’t seen them before and B) have been digging their music lately, they’re here.  So here we go.

A girl can dream, right?

  1. Neutral Milk Hotel.  Although, a Jeff Mangum acoustic set would do just as well.  I don’t think this requires any explanation.
  2. The Mountain Goats.  Yes I saw them in January.  And more than once last year.  But did I ever tell you GREATEST SHOW EVER!?!?  And I tell ya what, if someone said give me your left arm or you’ll never see the Mountain Goats live again, I’d find a way to be right-handed.
  3. Sufjan Stevens – Stories of angel wings and orchestras and other wonderful things have me so excited about the idea of this.
  4. The Arcade Fire – If I hear Wake Up or Intervention live I’m not sure what will happen to my brain.  Some sort of atrophy no doubt.
  5. The Flaming Lips – Their live shows kinda have legend status now.  I want to be one in a sea of thousands of people singing ‘do, you, REALIZE’ etc.
  6. Ani DiFranco – It’s been ages, really.  And I get that she just had a baby, and I get that she’s probably a crazy busy woman, and I get that Australia is a loooong way away from Buffalo NY.  But fer serious.  Please!  Tour soon!
  7. Jeff Buckley – He makes my heart hurt.  He was taken from the world way too early.  To be in the same room as that voice would just be an amazing experience.
  8. Jeff Tweedy.  Live.  Solo.  I’d put Wilco on this list too but I just saw them a month ago and that would be kinda greedy.
  9. The Decemberists.  In a little hole in the wall bar where I can stand maybe 3 or 4 metres away from Colin Meloy.  And they should play that 20 minute song that’s in FOUR CHAPTERS because how awesome is that?!  Not that I’m fussy though.
  10. Pavement – Recent viewing of a DVD has left me kinda sad that I missed this opportunity.
  11. Okkervil River – This is new, but, I am rapidly going all CFG over this band.  Please tour soon.
  12. R.E.M. – Never seen them live.  Really badly want to.  Enough said.
  13. Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy – Or Will Oldham or any of this other incarnations.  Hopefully somewhere like the Hopetoun, in a dark, smokey room, with a crowd that shuts up and listens.
  14. Death Cab for Cutie – I just know, given the right venue and the right crowd and the right setlist, a set from the this band might blow my head off.  Although, considering the awesomeness of some of the solo acoustic stuff I’ve heard of Ben’s lately (including that cover of Palmcorder Yajna HOLY CRAP), a solo acoustic set from Mr Gibbard would do.
  15. Broken Social Scene.  I have it on good authority that their live shows are A-MAZ-ING, and just seeing that many stupidly talented musicians on one stage at the one time would be kinda staggering.

Also –

  • Give me another week and Wolf Parade will be on this list, I have zero doubt.
  • Rodriguez would have been on this list a couple of months ago, and not only that, I would have fully expected him to be a ‘yeah but never’ edition.  Just goes to show, hey?  I can live in hope RE: NMH.

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5 Replies to “Wish I may

  1. Great list. Arcade Fire are worth every penny you have to see live. I would love to see the Soof if he ever tours. And Okkervil River just have to be seen live at least once in your life. I would add Wolf Parade to that list now, but I have one question. What about Sunset Rubdown? I just know they would be great. Also If I could add anyone else to your wonderful list it would have to be Do Make Say Think. Hell, maybe I should just move to Canada!

  2. I’m sure the Arcade Fire will come soon. I mean it makes sense, right? And Sufjan as well.

    Sunset Rubdown could have been there for sure, but I kept the list to 15. And actually I’d love to see New Pornographers live too. And today I realised I forgot Spoon and Ben Folds. I also could have put Andrew Bird on the list because I’d love to see him live again very soon. And then there’s Songs: Ohia and/or Jason Molina. Really, the list could go on forever 🙂

    It was a lot of fun to write.

  3. There’s at least 3 bands on your list which I could’ve seen and now regret not seeing. BSS’ sideshow, Flaming Lips (was at the 2004 BDO) and Bonnie Prince Billy.

    I’ve heard from many people that Broken Social Scene’s show of last year was the best of the year. Sadly I missed it as I was on Popfrenzy’s Boat Cruise which was also very good. There should be a law against having great gigs on the same night. BSS did a good set at Laneway but it would’ve been nothing compared to 3 hours at the Metro.

    Okkervil toured mid last year I think? They also toured about 6 months before that (though it wasn’t the full band). I saw them play the Hopetoun which was pretty good.

    I remember reading either early last year or the previous year that the Decemberists were going to tour. Then again I read the Bees were going to tour at the end of the year two years ago and it was another 18 months before a show was announced.

    On my list I would love to see Low (regret not going to their show last year), Air, My Bloody Valentine, Jesus and Mary Chain, Dead Can Dance, Nick Drake and Pentangle. Oh and I want The Cure to announce a Sydney date.

  4. I regret not seeing Jason Molina when he was out here recently – I very nearly went to the Hopetoun, but I didn’t really know anyone else familiar with his music at the time and on the night I decided I didn’t really feel like it.

    I think Okkervil River tour here pretty often from all accounts, so I hope they come back again soon.

    I heard that about the BSS show at the Metro too – apparently it was out of this world. Gigs that fall on the same night can be a painful exercise in decision making.

    You have a good list too. I think Air would be interesting, as would Nick Drake.

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