New addition to CFG HQ

So, we officially have a mascot in these here parts.

Everyone, meet Bowie –

I picked Bowie up from the RSPCA animal shelter in Yagoona yesterday.  His likes include sleeping, sliding on floorboards into walls, chasing rolled up pieces of tin foil, and sitting on my keyboard. His dislikes include me putting him down from my desk, me shutting him out of my bedroom, and ironically Cat Power. Every time I put Cat Power on he goes feral. We’re going to have to work on that.

Also, I think he wants to start a blog. It’s just a feeling I get.

Honestly, CUTEST KITTEN IN THE WORLD. Fer serious. He’s a lot of trouble but he’s also a lot of fun. And you can never have too much fun.

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6 Replies to “New addition to CFG HQ

  1. He is VERY cute, but his dislike of Cat Power is disturbing. I think he looks like a Neko Case fan, although who isn’t.

  2. Maybe I should try some Neko. He DOES seem to really like The National though, so his taste isn’t completely questionable.

  3. Benwah, he’s way too energetic to be a true emo kid. And as he is my cat and thus lives in my house, regardless of what eye-linered passion wells inside of him, he will be denied MCR.

  4. Dude, have you seen those lil’ emo kids in their ninja circle moshes? They sure do get up and move. Still, he’ll settle down soon enough, get a nose piercing and a couple of band badges and then it will be Panic! At the Windsors!

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