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I have this thing about forgetting about Andrew Bird every so often.  Well, not really forgetting, but kinda misplacing.  And then I’ll pull out The Mysterious Production of Eggs (which is what I’m listening to right now) or Weather Systems or even Armchair Apocrypha, and after about 2 minutes I am lost.  Lost in a sea of melodic and musical and lyrical wonder.

Just don’t let the human factor, fail to be a factor, at all.


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  1. Stumbled upon your blog, I’m not a blogger or regular blog reader but some of your stuff is quite poignant. You have wonderful musical tastes, backhand compliment to myself. =D You might see me around more often (finished uni finals… nearly).

  2. *not sure how far you check back on your coments so I’ll put this here…

    Warrnambool in October…it’s a spendid time to be there. Although business in Warrnambool? You aren’t one of those nefarious whale snatchers, are you? I know they look cute when they’re small, but take it from me, you need a really big tank. Krill is also not as cheap by the tonne as you might think.

    Make sure you get a Grant’s Special from Bojangles (bottom end of the main street). Pizza of the Gods. Also, Fishtales Cafe (next door, I think) has yet to disappoint. They have a cafe down on Main Beach (Fishsails, because, wait for it…there’s boats nearby) but unless you like flies and rotting seaweed ‘Tales is the way to go.

    The only pub worth visiting is The Warrnambool (just up from the cinema).

    Here endeth Lonely Planet, ‘Bool Edition. Keep an eye out for me – I’ll be the ageing manchild doing bombs off the cliff at the back of Penguin Island

  3. No I keep my whale snatching strictly offshore.

    In October I will have some responsbility for 120 international delegates from perhaps 30 countries, and the answer to ‘what will I do with these people in the 3 day window between when they need to be in Adelaide and when they need to be in Melbourne?’ is seemingly Warrnambool.

    Your suggestions are welcome, because if I can ditch the delegates I’ll need somewhere super secret to hide from them. I will be certain to find the pub, and if I’m at Penguin Island (are there actually penguins?!?) then I will be sure to say hi to any dive-bombing manchildren I see, just in case.

  4. And Andrew, hi! Any person who is even marginally moved by my taste in music gets my thumbs up. I hope to see you around again.

    And good luck with your uni finals!

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