Today at work, mid afternoon, Pat came in out of the rain having made a trip to the post office.  She came into my office bearing a pretty large box from my Mum that contained –

  • My cardigan that I left in Wagga.
  • My manicure set that I left in Wagga.  (Yes, I leave things places.  It’s something I do).
  • A new pair of flannelette pyjamas that are ORANGE with BUMBLEBEES on them.  My mother has this thing of getting me flannelette pyjamas.  I have like 7 pairs now, including pink with zebras, lime green with mooses (my favourite), purple with dogs, yellow with cats in pink sunglasses, and other stuff I can’t remember right now.  It’s crazy is what it is.  Crazy and awesome.
  • And, the best best best thing in the whole box, a crocheted cat basket –

YES that’s a yellow and orange crocheted RUG inside that crocheted cat basket.  And YES that’s a MF crocheted BLUE FISH.  Inside the crocheted cat basket.

Is that not the most awesome thing you’ve ever seen?  Not only do I have the cutest kitten in the world, I have the best mother ever.  Really.  I feel so lucky tonight.

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