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Yeah, you know what?  I kinda don’t feel like writing a lot tonight.  So I won’t.  It’s not you by the way, it’s me.  It has everything to do with playing with my kitten and talking online to sister # 3 and making mix CDs and staring, grinning, stupidly into space recalling the weekend and washing up and putting away washing.

Sometimes, as Even (and Benjamin) say, life gets in the way.

Still, what you will get is this – possibly THE MOST exciting music news I’ve had for some time.  Probably since I heard who the Wilco support was.  And even then, this trumps it by about a billionty.  And you’ve probably all already heard it, being the intertron-savy types that you are, but still.

Aha SPIT IT Karen.

What’s really exciting to me are rumours that –

A)    SUFJAN might be touring in December this year, and –
B)     ARCADE FIRE might be here in January next year.

I’ve kinda been holding off writing about this.  Rumours are coming thick and fast now from a few places and it’s making me a little more confident that it might happen.  There have been more than a few OMG emails and IM’s back and forth about both of these things – it’s an exciting time at CFG HQ.

And the boy and I are talking about going to Meredith this year.  Potentially, if the planets and the stars and the work schedules align.  Can you imagine SUFJAN at MEREDITH.  Good lord.  A girl can hope at least.

Also, when I hear Wake Up and/or Intervention live, I think I might faint.

And again also, just because I haven’t been random enough tonight, I think I’m having some sort of illicit love affair with Will Sheff’s voice.  Particularly in the song Another Radio Song, and particularly at the point from around 2 minutes 20 when he starts with the –

Bless this tiny alley
We have fallen from tall buildings
We have fallen through the air
Into a garden sweetly smelling of the softest
Sleeping flowers now they sit under the sidewalk
Now they’re waiting for the shining of some future sun to show us
All that is your beauty
Oh and all that brings you pleasure
I could sigh into your hide
And say I hope I’m here forever

Holy cow.

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3 Replies to “In your radio

  1. I heard that Sufjan was supporting Vanessa Amorosi on her comeback tour.

    Apparently she’s ‘reinvented’ herself and is a ‘rock chick’ and is working with Kate Cebrano’s manager, and has Pink and Avril’s writers working for her.

  2. I hope Sufjan isn’t here in December. That means I cannot see him. Fingers crossed for acts to tour here after January 12.

  3. The idea of Vanessa Amorosi as a rock chick is more than a little disturbing. Actually, the general idea of a comeback is more than a little disturbing. Although if she’s working with Kate Cebrano’s manager then she’s clearly set for Big Things.


    And Oz I don’t really mind when he tours. Just so long as he does. And soon!

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