Be still for a second

  1. Today I actually got stuff done.  At work.  This is staggering, but it has more than a little bit to do with the boss being away this week.
  2. 3 day weeks are AWESOME.
  3. I have owned the album Boxer by The National for around a month now, and the song Apartment Story is already number 17 on my top tracks on Last.FM.  This is quite something considering I have over 40,000 plays in total.  I’m not sure if it’s more indicative of the awesomeness of the song, or the obsessive nature of my personality.  I’m going to delude myself into thinking it’s the former.
  4. Who wants to come have a pyjama party with me on Thursday?  We can eat marshmallows and watch whatever terrible movie is on Foxtel Box Office and bake good things like Anzac biscuits.  It’s been ages since I made biscuits.  I have to stop for about an hour at 11 though to go and lodge my tax return.
  5. It’s getting dark later now.  I’m very happy about this because it means Spring is on the way.  In no time I’ll be back to bitching about the heat rather than the cold.
  6. Where were the rest of my songs tonight?  I only remember the North Star blues.

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