Ticking away the moments

I always get messed up with time differences. Even without the boy being in Canadia, it’s actually a big part of my job – a lot of my clients are OS, and also our business partners, and people don’t tend to react well when you miscalculate and get them up at 3 in the AM.

Like, I know that we are 14 hours ahead of Montreal. This morning I spent 15 minutes trying to figure out – if it’s 10 in the PM in Montreal, what time is it here? Forget about it. I think I’m missing that part of my brain. The part that stops me being an idiot when it comes to numbers and time differences. Still, with the aid of the interwebs, I figured that shit out. And now I have a little thing I do in my head – you look at the time (like, 10PM here now), you take away 2 hours, and then flip (i.e. if it’s evening here, then it’s morning there). 8AM in Montreal.

Viola. Idiot proof.

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