My sleeping patterns = officially fucked.

I have no idea why, either. It’s not like angst of any kind has ramped up a notch in the last week or so. Not more than normal at least. I kinda feel under control at work, which is a minor miracle, considering my workload. So it’s not that. I’ve stopped the caffeine after 6pm, and that’s not working. You know it’s bad when I pull out the big guns – chamomile tea and Sigur Ros.

Every night I get to bed past midnight, and my eyes stay wiiiiiide open until at least 3am. I make the decision at that point to get up and watch reruns of Friends and/or Bargin Hunt, stay in bed listening to Tony Delroy, or just lay there in the dark willing myself to sleep. At around 3 I then fall into a half sleep for a couple of hours, which is peppered with gnarly dreams about Beck and sailing yachts and what have you (?!?!?) and then at around 6am I fall into a deep, deep sleep. Just in time to wake up at 7am to the alarm.

So yeah. My head. She’s all fucked up. I’m hoping that at some point before the weekend I hit a state of total exhaustion, and get at least one night of solid sleep. That drive to Wagga on Friday night after work might be fun otherwise.

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  1. Sigor ros for sleep, sounds like something i need to try.

    Karen, your not alone with fugged sleeping patterns, but at least mine is all uni related – mainly procrastination and spontaneous drinking sessions.

    i hope you get a good nite/day’s sleep before your big drive.

    p.s. I dream of sailing too.

  2. I think the dreaming of sailing is actually a manifestation of your suppressed love of yacht rock, and indeed your desire to start blogging more about Toto, Spandau Ballet, Boston, Foreigner, Chicago and Duran Duran.

    Do do do do do do do, and I’m hungry like the wolf.

  3. I’d like to take the opportunity to point out, Benwah, that YOU are the one who knows all the words to Gold by Spandau Ballet. I am surrounded by a yacht rock free zone.

    And Ro, Sigur Ros seems to work for me. Not Glossoli though. I also find Cat Stevens works, but I don’t know if that’s the music, or that it reminds me of my mum 🙂

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