Breathe baby

• I have the most adorable cat in the world. Just so you know. And he has the pinkest, softest paws there ever was.
• There isn’t enough use of the word ‘bodacious’.
• Week long viruses involving prolonged bouts of nausea and not being able to eat can BITE ME. My head explodes and my body aches.
• It’s a quick way to lose around 5 kgs though. Not that I’m recommending it.
• Kids, don’t try this at home.
• I’ve been looking through photos from Ecuador tonight. I think what I’m feeling right now is some sort of whimsy.
• British antiques experts are hilarious.
• And very knowledgeable.
• I mean, who honestly describes a cabinet as ‘delicious’?
• There isn’t enough use of the word ‘smashing’ in the context of awesome.
• In the updating of the little gig whatsit on the left over there, I realised just how many mistakes there were. Oh well – last time I did it I must have been A) drunk or B) super tired. I can be fairly convinced I caught everything, given that I checked my Filofax.
• I swear to god, my whole life is in that Filofax. If I lost it I’d be a bit stuck.
• When I look over my next couple of months I suck a deep breath in – I figure I’ll be able to let it out again on October 27.
• Bring on October 27.
• I’m trying to convince everyone I know to drive to Canberra with me on Saturday. Generally I love a good road trip on my own, but for some reason this time I want company.
• I think it’s because I’m going to Canberra.
• If I can’t find anyone who’ll come, the company of Matt Berringer will do.
• I’m going to go to bed now, and hopefully sleep. Sleep would be nice.

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