Rings on her fingers and bells on her toes

You know you’ve spent too much of your life on the Hume Highway when you pull into the truck stop at Marulan to increase your caffeine levels, you walk through the door of the restaurant, and you immediately get annoyed because someone is sitting at YOUR table. Ya-huh.

It occurred to me tonight that for a long time – 3 years at least – I have had music wherever I go. I’m not the sort of girl who goes bats over gadgets – if I own something (like my car or my camera or my laptop) and it works for me and it’s serviceable, then I’m happy. I don’t feel the need to upgrade every 5 minutes.

Still, I love my iPod. Like, more than one person should probably love an inanimate object. I got one pretty early in the piece too – I had my first one for a good few years. It revolutionized my music listening – to have that much music on hand was so amazingly good. It also meant not carting around the disc man and CD case everywhere. And then there was the FM transmitter for my car – I was only thinking tonight about how much I use this now. Tonight, driving home from Canberra, I couldn’t for the life of me settle on something to listen to. I was spoilt for choice. And it’s what I’m used to now – I’d feel so completely lost if I couldn’t put music in my ears on command at any given time of any day.

There’s probably some commentary I could put here about modern conveniences and what they’re doing for our ability to entertain ourselves etc. etc. but I’ve spent nearly 7 hours in a car staring at a highway today and I just can’t be bothered.

I had fun today. Talking to Tara about her plans was enlightening in a way – I sorta thought I’d be there for some amount of moral support, but it turns out I was able to give her a decent amount of advice. The small amount of life experience I’ve gleaned in the 7 years of age difference between us means I actually have some wisdom to impart. Who’da thunk it? Seeing her get excited about the future and at the opportunities in front of her was such a good thing – for so long I’ve been worried she couldn’t see it all. She’s seeing it now, and even if she’s scared, at least she’s looking.

I caught some sun today too – it was the most beautiful winter/spring day, and I think I got a bit burnt. It’s the curse of the red head – I could practically feel myself burning today, but the sun was so worth it. What’s a few more freckles?? 😉

And tomorrow the boy gets home. I almost can’t believe that – it seemed like minutes ago he’d just left. The first week went blindingly slow, but the rest of it has just rushed by. I get an excited little EEEEEEE on the inside when I think about next weekend.

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3 Replies to “Rings on her fingers and bells on her toes

  1. Dear Miss Karen,
    There are many many other places in Marulan to maintain ones addiction to coffee at; there are two gourmet places, one closed thursdays the other closed monday tuesday and wednesday -both open all other days.

    I dine at either one of these establishments every day that I am in Marulan.

    For additional information if required, kindly see You-Tube ‘Marulan’.


  2. Del-boy, thanks for the tip. And the comment. Next time I’m in Marulan, and it’s at a decent time of the day, I will most certainly check those places out. Who knew Marulan would be famous on the YouTubes?! 🙂

    And Al, iTunes ain’t so bad 😛

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