Sky burning, spring cleaning

You know, there’s a certain way you gotta listen to an unfamiliar Mountain Goats album. Well, I certain way I have to listen to an unfamiliar Mountain Goats album. I’m specifically talking anything prior to We Shall All Be Healed here – I’m currently delving into all the back catalogue I haven’t listen to yet. Which to be honest isn’t a huge amount, but enough to get a girl excited.

Without fail I always read the lyrics first. I’m a girl that is lyric orientated when it comes to music (no, really? :P) so the thing I want to dive into first is the joy of the words. And the great thing about JD is that he never, ever lets the side down. Secondly, I make sure I have no other distractions. Particularly noise distractions. This lo-fi shizzat can take some motivated listening. And then I just listen. And it usually takes one listen only for me to pin my favourite tracks on the album, because to be honest I’ve had a head start on that with the lyrics.

Case in point – The Coroner’s Gambit. When I read the lyrics, I was fairly certain the favourite track was going to be There Will Be No Divorce. I was so right. I mean –

The rain fell all night and it kept me awake
It was still falling by morning
It was hard to take
And you were sleeping on the floor
Breathing free and even
If I ever want to drive myself insane
All I have to do is watch you breathing

And also –

And you punched out all the windows
And the wind began to wail
And you gathered your hair behind your head
Like God was gonna catch you by the pony tail

Holy cow. Turns out though the songs Jaipur and Baboon are pretty awesome too.

In other Mountain Goats related news, Mr Darnielle himself has announced that Rachel and Sarah from the Bright Mountain Choir have provided some vocals to the new Mountain Goats album. That is RACHEL WARE ex member of the Mountain Goats. I think my heart just stopped. Every single little snippet of detail I have heard about this album (and to be honest there hasn’t been much, because they’re keeping it on the down low) has me at the super dooper end of excited.

OH the anticipation.

In other, non-Goats related news, I am a little bit in love with the following –

• The Broken String by Bishop Allen. There is something faintly addictive about at least half of the songs on this record.
• Words Are Dead by Horse Feathers. How can so much beauty fit on one little album. It was the perfect soundtrack to my evening of lying on the couch reading LOOK magazines.
• The song Atlantic City by Bruce Springsteen. I just can’t stop listening to it. It’s the line ‘put your make up on, and your hair up pretty’ that gets me every time. And that ooooo OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO he does after he says meet me in Atlantic City. And the harmonica. God help me.

Anyway, I am going to go and investigate the noise from the bedroom. It sounds suspiciously like a cat forcing his way through venetian blinds at great speeds. I swear, if this cat were a person he’d be in juvenile detention by now.

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2 Replies to “Sky burning, spring cleaning

  1. Horse Feathers = amazing. Thank you, madam.

    What I love about the internet is I can find your blog, know that we have roughly similar tastes in music from your whoosit counter top left, get your recommendation, go to eMusic, jump for joy when I find the album (while secretly knowing it will be there – bands like Horse Feathers is what eMusic is all about), download it for less than four bucks, burn a copy to cd and be washing the dishes to alt-country luvverlyness in less than 15 minutes.

    That’s the high point in human evolution, right there.

    BTW stop it with the comments about reading Plath already – you’re making me swoon ;P

  2. Yes. Bless the interwebs. I can practically trace my more recent (read: the last 3 or so years) musical education from one now defunct Ani DiFranco forum. You start to pay attention to the music that these random people of the internets recommend, given that they dig other music that you also like, and before you know it you’re addicted to the Mountain Goats and then that leads you to Neutral Milk Hotel and that leads you to crazy indie forums and that leads to you, well, music craziness. It all gets a little too much for me at times, in that I tend to pick up CDs now faster than I can listen to them. I’ve tried to stem in a little in the last few months but I still haven’t caught up.

    And it’s SO beautiful, right? I’m so glad that someone (well, you) picked up on that one little part of that post and found this band, because man oh man is the music sublime. The CD was a gift from Canada, and it’s crazy how much amazing music comes outta Portland.

    One of my favourite things to do, when I’m feeling just a little out of sync with just about everything, is to take out my copy of Ariel and read Lady Lazarus out loud to myself. Well, that, or any of the poems about bees. Swooning over Plath is more than understandable 😉

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