The room and the sun and the sky

So I find myself on a Sunday evening, absolutely wrecked, physically and mentally spent, inwardly glowing from an excellent weekend, and surprisingly a little lonely. Most Sunday evenings I make it home, cook some dinner and sit on the couch with the cat, just kinda ‘being’. Tonight for some reason I feel a little bit like I’ve misplaced something, or I’ve forgotten something. And I think it’s company.

Coupled with alla that above I’m carrying a lovely chest infection. It’s this thing my body does when it gets run down. This is in no small part due to the fact that I once had bronchitis in Argentina, which turned into bronchial pneumonia at altitude in Ecuador, which I then ignored steadfastly because of my plans to hike the Inca Trail in Peru. Which I did. Uh-huh. My lungs now need no invitation to get all up and infectiony on my ass and it’s not a lot of fun. So right now I’m sporting a very husky phone sex voice and a cough. I think I’m going to start telling people I caught horse flu.

This weekend involved 2 rock shows, 4 bands (well, 5 including the wedding band), a wedding, a visit from sister # 3, Paddington markets, shopping on King Street, and CD shopping in the city. Among other things. Agahagagajagaga sleepy.

On Friday night we went to Spectrum and witnessed the undeniable live prowess of the Paper Scissors. They are one of my favourite Sydney bands, live or otherwise, and there’s nothing better than seeing a band finally establish a solid local fan base. They all seemed so grateful for the turn out (Jai must have thanked the crowd around 6 or 7 times) and they said last time they played Spectrum they played to around 20 people. I was really excited about seeing them again because their set at the Great Escape this year was one of the highlights of the festival for me. Friday night they really didn’t disappoint.

Saturday night was wedding shenanigans at Coogee. You know, I wonder about wedding bands. I wonder if they ever feel artistically compromised because of having to belt out Tom Jones cover after Beatles cover after Bon Jovi cover. The lead singer last night seemed to be feeling it though, and the Rod Stewart stylin’ wig he was sporting (along with the open shirt and love beads) was a nice touch. And you know what? The people love it. They were dancing up a storm and having a great time, so I guess that’s all that matters.

I’ve had mixed feelings about weddings in the past, but they can be really nice. There is something inherently beautiful about two people coming together to declare something to one another and the world. Not so much a ‘hey we’re getting married and look how fancy we look and how many friends we have’ thing, but more a ‘I’m only for this person, and they are only for me, and we want to celebrate that with the people we love’ thing. I’ve been lucky that most of the weddings I’ve been to have been more the latter than the former, and last night was most certainly in that category.

After some dancing to the Rod Stewart wannabe, the boy and I headed across the city in a cab to the Annandale for the Silversun Pickups. In the cab on the way over I was fighting the sleepiness and trying to ignore the chestiness and generally psyching myself into being enthusiastic about the idea of being anywhere but bed. But then we got to the venue, pushed through the crowd and waited a little, we were witness to one of the best rock shows I’ve seen in a while. In about 5 seconds I forgot about the tired and the hurt and was swept away with the music. There is nothing better than being pleasantly surprised about a show – there is a lot of hype around about this band, and there was a real buzz about this tour, but I’m here to tell you they’re worth every ounce of it. This band is the real deal, and I don’t care what anyone says – their sound is no more derivative than most other ‘indie’ rock band kicking around right now. There was one point in the night where I heard a Smashing Pumpkins similarity but really, overall, they were impressively tight and fresh sounding. And the show was so much fun – the lead singer has that crazy rock charisma about him, and his interaction with the crowd really won me over. I went in a little ambivalent about them but they have a new fan.

And also, when you’re not really well and soldiering on a little, there’s little like the company of someone who genuinely gives a damn about how you’re feeling to make you feel better. You can be wheezing and aching and tired, but when someone gathers you up and plants a kiss on your forehead and asks how you’re doin’, it all just drifts away. And all that’s left is a happy hum where the pain used to be.

Umm, I was going to be in bed before 10. And it’s quarter past. So yeah. I should get on that. G’night y’all.

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