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Tonight, coming home from the city, I was listening to 2007 on Triple J. If I’m in the car on Sunday nights (which I increasingly am) I try to catch it.

Anyway, tonight Kingsmill played a cover of Glory Box (originally by Portishead) by Powderfinger. Yes, really. And you know what? It was all kinds of awesome. I was listening to this thing thinking, holy crap, I kinda think I perhaps should be disliking this (given the rapturous beauty of the original), but it did very strange things to my insides. I’m not sure if it shows the strength of the original track, or Powderfinger’s ability to do covers.

Perhaps THEY should start doing weddings.

The track was done for a new compilation called ‘No Man’s Woman’ which is a select group of Aussie men covering the music of female songwriters. It’s an interesting idea. The cover of Glory Box can be found on the No Man’s Woman MySpace. There’s also a cover of Kate Bush’s Wuthering Heights by Josh Pyke. It’s not so bad, in that is sounds like Josh Pyke, strumming a guitar, singing Wuthering Heights. It IS a beautiful song though.

Kingsmill also played a song by Akron/Family which I kinda dug a lot. So I’m going to look that on up. And what IS it with the world’s obsession with Kanye West? I’d love to understand why his hip hop is different, really I would.

Anyway I was going to bed wasn’t I.

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  1. Struggled with the covers. Powderfinger did a good job, but the original is so aching it makes me wonder, what’s the point? But my whole thing is:

    (1) don’t cover sensational songs, 99 times out of 100 you’ll fail and sound pants by comparison
    (2) if you do cover a song, make sure it’s radically different from the original

    Josh Pyke is clearly drowning. Hopefully he runs into Myra Hindley rather than Cathy out on the moors. It’s just not the same without Kate ‘Hysterical Schoolgirl Savant’ Bush singing.

    Covers that work for me…Futureheads – Hounds of Love (Oh! oh oh), Jose Gonzales – Hand on my Heart, Jose Feliciano – Light My Fire, Ministry – Lay Lady Lay etc etc.

    Akron/Family: I have their self-titled…bit Animal Collective/ Devendra Banhart. I likes it, but it took me a while. Running, Returning is the standout track, like Rolf Harris on a psychobilin bender.

  2. I have this thing for covers. I mean, clearly the GOOD ones. But that’s all subjective isn’t it. I get what you mean about messing with the perfection (like Glory Box) but when it’s good it’s SO good. I think it all started when I heard John sing Yellow Submarine on Play School when I was about 5.

    I’m with you on Jose, and I like these ones too –

    – The White Stripes cover of Jolene.
    – The Mountain Goats cover of The Sign by Ace of Base.
    – Cat Power’s covers album, particularly the version of Satisfaction.
    – And I know I know I know it’s on everyone’s list, but I defy anyone to listen to Jeff Buckley sing Hallelujah without just losing themselves.

    And speaking of Kate Bush, her cover of Rocketman was kinda crazy but in that good way.

    I just don’t know about Animal Collective. And I’ve tried, honest. I’ve heard the Akron Family/Devandra/AC comparison before, but I don’t scare easily. I’m going to track down this song and give the album a red hot go.

  3. Panda Bear’s world is glorious and beautiful. One day you will step into his world. Oh and Akron/Family make glorious sounds too.

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