So tonight I ventured into the world that is Parramatta Westfield. WHY is probably a valid question at this point. I am, however, on a mission right now.

The mission to find the perfect shoulder bag.

Easy enough, right? How hard can it be to find a mid sized, plain dark brown leather shoulder bag. But it’s TOUGH out there in the world of bags. Honestly, the bags they’re making for women these days are horrible. It’s all patent leather, crazy bunching, and fake bling. And NONE of them are shoulder bags. I’m the sort of girl who wants both hands free, for you know, stuff. I want the bag there, but taking care of itself. Just sitting there on my hip, should I need anything in or out of it. I don’t want to be holding it or grabbing it or carrying it or any of that other high maintenance nonsense.

The man bags are too big, and the lady bags are too small. It’s a conundrum I tell you. The one I have now is old and smelly and tired, and I never really liked the look of it from the beginning. Still, it’s the perfect size. Big enough to fit all essentials for a weekend, but small enough so that I don’t look like a pack horse. We jokingly call it the Tardis, because it’s alarming sometimes how much stuff it can fit.

But after 2 hours of battling prams and shoppers and groups of Parramatta’s version of hipsters in their Everlast regalia, I came away with nothing.


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  1. Growing up in the west, I totally understand what you mean. Westfield Parra used to be the boredom killer, yet whenever I went there I got bored more.

    I think I was even part of that Everlast regalia for a little while in my mid teens.

  2. Hahaha that’s one of my missions too – to find a good shoulder bag! But I always find the good bags when I’m not even trying. Man bags fits all my cameras though!

  3. I think everyone goes through something like that Philippe. Although, living in Wagga I hung out wearing Blundstones and Levis at the Mobil near the railway station while my boyfriend did laps of the main street in his dad’s Holden ute. I kid you not.

    Those were the days.

    Ro I found the most beautiful chestnut brown leather man bag. It smelt good too. But I left it there because it just felt too big. I don’t carry around cameras though!! 🙂 And I think I’ve given up on the search until I go to Melbourne. Those fashionable scensters down there are sure to come up with the goods.

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