I got my name from rock and roll

I don’t have the heater on tonight. Also, I left work at around 6 and it was still daylight. All the shit from the day just lifted away from me and when I took a deep breath in in the car park, and smelt that springmixedupwithdusk air, I swear my feet lifted off the ground a little.

There was a flurry of posting last week, and this week nothing. It has more than a little bit to do with me bringing my work HOME with me *insert grumbling here*. Anyway.

Someone massive has to announce a tour soon. Right? I mean, it’s been forever. Don’t get me wrong – there have been some good bands touring. That Silversun Pickups show was GREAT and the local shows I’ve seen recently have been really good. And there was The Shins, and Magnolia Electric Co, who were both excellent. But I’m talking a whole other level of brilliant here. Like, a ‘holy fuck Wilco is coming!’ level of excitement.

So, this is what’s going to happen –

• Gradually these Arcade Fire rumours will crystallize and they will announce they are coming out for the Big Day Out, but they are also doing a side show at the Enmore.
• Sufjan Stevens announces he’s coming out for Sydney Festival and will play the Opera House.
• Andrew Bird also announces a return to Sydney Festival and plays the Spiegeltent (be still my beating heart).
• Mountain Goats will follow up the release of their new album in early 2008 with a sweeping tour of our great big dry land. And they will play two Sydney shows at the Annandale.
• Broken Social Scene are going to bring Kevin Drew, or, if you like (because does anyone really know what the hell is going on there??) Kevin Drew is going to bring Broken Social Scene down here, and they’re going to play the Enmore.
• Wolf Parade are going to annouce a tour on the back of their new (and utterly amazing) new album, and they’re going to come and play the Annandale.

Hear me, indie rock universe??? Sort some shit out. This girl is hanging over here for some crazy level of fangirl action. It’s been a while. I want that earth shattering, life changing, head explosion inducing reaction that comes from being at the show of one of your FBOAT, just as the lights go down.

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9 Replies to “I got my name from rock and roll

  1. You forget Wolfie. We need our psychic powers to bring their majesty here. Btw, regarding Sydney Festival, if Sufjan does tour (hopefully) then Sufjan>Bjork every day of every year. FACT!

  2. Yikes, Wayner, I fixed it. How could I forget Wolf Parade!

    And while I don’t share your complete dislike for the woman, I do agree that Sufjan>Bjork any day.

    Benwah, do you have tickets yet!?!? If not, YOU should get on THAT.

  3. Sorry Mr Deal – no head messing intended, but this was a definite wish list, not the definite article.

    Let’s all hope like mad he tour soon though.

  4. I am also happy.

    This might be the biggest understatement I have ever typed anywhere.

    I think the collective yearning of the Sydney blogging community finally made it to where it matters. Wherever that is.

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