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I do a bit of crocheting. I’m not one of those crazy creative types who make whole pieces of furniture out of wool or anything, but I make the odd scarf or rug or bag or what have you. And I’ve found (via my mother, who just knows these things) that the best place to pick up crochet patterns is op shops. Old becomes new again and alla that.

A long, long time ago I picked up the book ‘A Chartwell Guide to Crochet – Super Designs for Babies, Women & Home’. It was first published in 1974. I pulled it down from the shelf tonight and was flicking through it looking for a shawl pattern and honestly, some of this stuff is GOLD. I can’t decide what one is my favourite…

The simple cover-up snood –


The gay gypsy scarf –


Or the glamorous glitter cap for sophisticated parties –


It’s not all that bad. There are some really useful patterns for scarves and bags and stuff, which is probably why I bought the thing in the first place.

SO – who wants me to make them a snood??!

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