I live in a bit of a suburban wasteland. Actually, that’s a pretty unkind description, but it’s reasonably accurate. I live on a culesac, at the end of street full of 3 bedroom, brick veneer houses. The one at the top of the street has a pool, and the house 3 doors up has just extended up by building a second floor. The family across the road has two kids and a dog, and Fred next door (who, judging by his accent, is originally from Eastern Europe somewhere) is always outside watering his lawn when I leave for work at around 8 in the AM. It’s nice. There’s also something a little disconcerting about it. Part of the girlescapedfromWagga inside of me wants to hate it.

And I don’t. Hate it that is. There’s just a slight disconnect in me when it comes to the suburban living situation. I had exactly the same feeling when I was in Canberra this weekend. I swear to god, that place is like one big suburban back yard. Only without the pushed over bikes, sun-faded basketballs and worn out lawn from the slip n slide. It’s far too tidy for any of that. I can’t quite decide if it’s clean or sterile. The first couple of times I visited the city I went with sterile, but I saw more of the city this time. I’m not completely convinced, but right now I’m going with clean.

And where are the people? Like, the milling-about type people? Maybe they were in the Canberra Centre or around abouts that area. They certainly weren’t where we were. Which was mainly the gallery and driving along Northbourne and around Civic and ANU and what have you. Although, there were a lot of people around in Dickson when we went there for dinner, so I’m probably not being fair. And the queue in front of me when I went to check out of the hotel was at least 4 people deep. But really, everywhere we went was just this vast expanse of either park or bush. It felt a bit odd.

And you have to drive everywhere. Just like here. I mean, we saw bus stops. But I think we saw one bus in total. But the place is so spread out. You couldn’t really just go ‘oh I might go for a stroll down to the shops’. At least, not in the suburbs I was in.

And this is not hate mail to the city by the way. We had a really awesome weekend.

My experiences in the Big City here in Syders on the weekends is skewing my opinion of alla this somewhat. It’s not necessarily better. It’s just different. And I really feel like there’s something to be said for stepping out onto the street onto an actual footpath, and walking maybe 3 blocks max to either a convenience store, a decent café, or a supermarket of some kind.

I also had a big rant planned here about community and how we’re losing it with our TVs and high fences and lack of corner stores and what have you, but I got a bit lost speaking to friends on MSN and emailing beautiful boys (well, boy) about beautiful music. And now it’s nearly midnight.

So I’m going to bed.

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  1. Yeah I’ll be stuck in the Canberra suburbia for a year or two. I think it’ll be added motivation to move to New York City which is what I’ve been thinking about for the past few days.

  2. I just love NYC. I hope to go there soon again one day. And I couldn’t think of a bigger contrast to Canberra 😉

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