I was going to post another song tonight. As a part of the whole ‘Song’ thing. But then I started, with some help, mucking about the with look of the place. I like this, but I don’t know enough about HTML to sort out that left hand menu over there. And I’m not really happy with A) what’s listed there and B) what’s NOT listed there. So we’ll see how we go with that. Or, more accurately, we’ll see how AL goes with that 😉

I’m going to have to leave it now and go to bed though. It’s gettin’ late, and it’s a school night. Wow I sound old. Aha.

I DID, however, have a fabulously fabulous day. I think all weeks should be 4 day weeks. It would make the whole work thing a fuckton easier to deal with. Walking and talking and immersing myself in characters in a darkened theatre and walking and talking has left my mind clear as bell.

You know, one really shouldn’t underestimate the mental cleansing power of good conversation.

And I haven’t really written about the election yet. And I’m not sure I will. Suffice to say that I have more hope for the future than I have had for some time now. I feel humanity and idealism filtering back. And real sense of change. And it’s been a really long time since I’ve felt any of that in the government of this country or in the media. And you know what? People forget about humanity in government. It’s something that has not only been lacking in recent years – it has been completely non-existent. I’m not sure how any policy, economic or otherwise, can be right if it’s not working for the greater good of the people. You concentrate only on figures on a page, and you lose site of what it is you’re working for in the first place.

As Mr Bird said, just don’t let the human factor fail to be a factor at all.

Oh and tonight, catching up with Hell and Tony, felt a little like coming back to base. A lot has changed in the last 12 months, in really wonderful ways, but at times if feels like certain things have been left behind. Tonight I feel like somehow it caught up a little.

Anyway I was going to bed.

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