Letters to:

Dear Windsor,

Please stop attracting residents who own souped up V8 utes and who insist on driving said utes at stupid speeds up and down my quiet little street. I’d be forever grateful if you found a way to isolate them to, I don’t know, Bligh Park?

In hope,


Dear rain,

You’re lovely. And you make everything smell so good. Just hold out on the weekend, okay? At least until Sunday.

Thanks much,


Dear Arcade Fire,

For Pete’s sake. Gettin’ a little anxious. Do you not understand the potential disastrous clashes cooking up over here?

Impatiently yours,


Dear Spoon,

See above. I’ve been watching out for dates from you guys since AUGUST.

Increasingly impatiently yours,


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2 Replies to “Letters to:

  1. Dear Karen’s blog,

    So I spend a couple of weeks away and you have this makeover. There’s a bird, and curly, curly branches, and who would have thought brown and pastel blue would go together like that?

    I hope you’re the same old blog under all the glamour, and we can still hang out here and there on the internet, in the seedy old places where they don’t sneer at my raggedy old HTML.


    ps – tell Karen while everyone’s raving about Yellow House by Grizzly Bear, that I’ve downloaded the album before that, Horn of Plenty (well just the first four songs until my eMusic download credits reset on the 17th) and that I CAN’T STOP PLAYING THEM OVER AND OVER and I think she would like them too. Kthanx.

  2. Dear Marmalade,

    Happy to hear from you again and I hope you had a nice break from the interwebs. Or at least this part of the interwebs. And rest assured – regardless of the fancypants makeover it’ll be the same ol’ self-obsessed blah it always was 😉 With Karen at the wheel we can all feel safe about that.

    And I’ll pass the recommendation on, thanks. The girl always digs the recommendations and Grizzly Bear keeps showing up all over the place so it’s got to be some sort of sign to check it out, right?

    So yeah, let’s hang out sometimes. I have it on solid authority that you’re one of Karen’s favourite anonymous commenters.

    Kindest regards,

    Karen’s blog.

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