Summer time as it melts into dark

Wednesdays are the Long Days. They’re the feeling you get when you’re in a Biochemistry lecture and you’re trying so hard not to fall asleep but your eyes roll into the back of your head maybe every 3 minutes and there’s that foggy haze surrounding just about everything. They’re better than Tuesdays though. That agony of knowing you’ve only really just had a weekend, and even though the good feeling of that weekend is fading away, there’s a looooooong time before you’ll get another one.

Thursdays are okay in that you get to say TOMORROW IS FRIDAY. I spend my life right now counting down to Friday. I know you’re supposed to savoir every minute because life is short blah blah – I’m not wishing my life away. I’m just wishing the crappy parts of Monday to Friday away.

This week is a super special Friday owing to the aforementioned holiday. The next couple of days in the ol’ office are going to be pretty interesting, given the amount I need to get done between now and 5PM on Friday, but it will all be worth it.

When I’m in my car and on the M5 plummeting toward the weekend it will so be worth it.

Dah dah dah daaaaaaaaah dah dah. I haven’t listened to this New Buffalo album for a little while and it’s very nice tonight.

So I decided maybe an hour ago I was going to wash all the sheets and towels in the house. And in between the time of making that decision and washing said sheets and towels, it started with the raining. So right now my dining room table and chairs look like circus tent. Aha!

I’m feeling a little random tonight, can you tell?

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