Joy to the world

I’ll never really understand the need people have for dressing up their pets, but that is kinda cute. I doubt Bowie would sit still long enough for me to strap anything to his head (and probably rightly so), so this picture will have to do.

And while we’re on the Christmas thing, I’d like to point out to the rest of the country that IT DOES NOT SNOW HERE. The snowmen littering lawns all over the greater Sydney area? A little redundant people. Just so you know.

There’s something decidedly uneasy about the air tonight. When I parked my car just now, and walked inside, I noticed a certain electricity and flux about it. And it’s not just the wind – it’s like the world’s not breathing easy tonight for some reason.

Perhaps it’s the impending ‘silly’ season, or the change of daily routine for most of us. There’s the winding (or in my case, wound) down and preparing to exchange the work crazy for the family crazy. And perhaps I’m placing my own state of mind on the air around me – a few weeks of changing plans and rolling with the punches has left me reeling a little bit.

Sometimes it’s difficult to explain things. Like unpredicted outbursts of crying. Sometimes it’s not even that you’re sad. But it’s like a pressure valve that builds and builds – you place any more on something that has reached saturation point and the energy has got to escape from somewhere. And usually, the more you try and keep a lid on it, the more dramatic the outburst when it finally happens.

And how does a person let go of the anxiety of not knowing how it all ends? I have this constant thing of needing to know how things will end. Part of it stems from not liking to be surprised, and part of it is just the impatience of being me. I’m terribly impatient. I’m also not terribly trusting – not at all of people (because on this level I tend to trust too much I think) but trusting that the outcome will be the right one if I just let it be.

Anyway, I should go pack. Tomorrow plans realign and I make a start on my trip into the Wagga wilderness for yuletide and what not. I don’t even really know what yuletide means. I’ve spoken on the phone to my family in the last two weeks more then I have done all year I think – there’s something about this time of year that fosters an impetus to contact the people you’re related to.

Merry Christmas everyone. I’ll catch you on the flip side.

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