I WAS in bed. Honestly. And I couldn’t sleep, and Truman Capote wasn’t helping. So I got up and thought I’d work a little on my last ‘hoorah for 2007’ post, and started noodling around on the intertron. I possibly shouldn’t have, because it took me about 2 minutes to find out that Heretic Pride, the new album by the Mountain Goats, has leaked in its entirety.

As a rule I don’t download. Illegally that is. I make the odd exception, but mostly I just wait and/or go out and buy the album. Besides obvious feelings on money getting to the artist and the people who make an album possible, I like to have something tangible in my hands. Liner notes, album art – something to flick through and pore over and put on the shelves with the rest. Call me old fashioned, but an album to me is a little more than just a listening experience.

So anyway, back to the towering genius that is JD. Tonight, when I found out about the leak, I found the download link in about 10 seconds. I sat with my cursor hovering over that link for honestly maybe 4 or 5 minutes – it was a conscience battle of epic proportions. JD has made his thoughts on leaking and illegal download pretty damn clear, and while he seems to be resigned a little to the nature of it, I’m not sure it makes it cool to go ahead and download the album anyway. But the instant gratification junkie inside of me won over. I hit download, and a few minutes later I had EVERY SINGLE TRACK.

And I am here to tell you that it’s fucking brilliant. All of it. And not only that, it’s the Mountain Goats album I was hoping for – JD passionately singing about tangible, human emotion, and at times screaming his lungs out. Each time his voice hits that point of breaking something wells up a little inside of me.

I just – well, I’ve only listened to it once though, and it’s all a little too much for me to comprehend. I’m not going to write about it properly until February 18. Also, by then I’ll have the CD in all its glory in my hot little hands.

I can’t hardly wait.

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