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So tonight I voted in the Triple J Hottest 100. I sorta did this while I was listening to Lawrence from Whitley play Wilco’s Yankee Hotel Foxtrot as part of their classic albums over summer thing. Bless you Lawrence. Anyway, to pass the time, I decided to vote. Firstly, here’s what I voted for –

Andrew Bird – Heretics
Arcade Fire – Intervention
Beirut – A Sunday Smile
Bridezilla – Brown Paper Bag
The National – Mistaken For Strangers
New Buffalo – Cheer Me Up Thank You
Okkervil River – Unless It’s Kicks
Paper Scissors – Yamanote Line
Spoon – The Underdog
Whitley – I Remember

Here’s what I was bummed to leave out –

• Anything by Feist.
• Elbows by Darren Hanlon
• Click Click Click by Bishop Allen
• Diamond Dancer by Bill Callahan
• Hospital Beds by Cold War Kids (hopefully this will get in without my help)
• Something off We Were Dead Before the Ship Even Sank by Modest Mouse (I probably would have gone with Missed the Boat)
• What Light by Wilco – in the end it was between this and the Whitley track. Lawrence, dude, you got the vote because of the Wilco love. Just so you know. Kinda ironic, huh?

10 really isn’t enough, but what’re you gonna do. Also, the helpful list they have there of the songs released this year really isn’t terribly comprehensive. There are songs by Andrew Bird, The National and Beirut that I like better, but I figure if either of them stand a chance of getting in the list at all I’d better run with the herd. I also slung a couple of Australian votes in there – if Bridezilla or Paper Scissors get anywhere in the 100 I’ll be pretty happy.

It’s the only radio or TV music countdown I care about at all. Let’s hope for the number 1 this year is as good as last year.

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