If the green grass is 6 and the soybeans are 7

I dreamed you were a cosmonaut
of the space between our chairs
And I was a cartographer
of the tangles in your hair

I sang the song that silence sings
It’s the one that everybody knows, everybody knows
The song that silence sings
And this is how it goes

These looms that weave apocrypha
they’re hanging from a strand
The dark and empty rooms were full
of incandescent hands

If only every school night was capped with the absolute magic of Andrew Bird. Last night, after 8 hours of time-suffocating stress, I emerged from the eventually-found car park into Hyde Park on a beautiful Sydney early summer evening. I might be terribly biased, but it’s honestly the most glorious park. It’s all about those trees – their bottoms and their tops equally stretched and tangled out around themselves to cover the view of both the earth and the sky. I read somewhere, a little while ago, that they’re dying. That eventually all those magnificent Morton Bay Figs will rot from the inside out, become unstable, and need to be taken down. That, if it happens, will be a tragedy of epic proportions.

Anyway, I digress.

Two nights in a row of Andrew Bird is barely enough. Lucky for me I’m probably also seeing him at the Vanguard on the 28th. While Sunday night was amazingly great, last night was just magical. An almost perfect set list (PLEASE play Fake Palindromes at the Vanguard Mr Bird) combined with that lovely venue (the Famous Spiegeltent) meant I was enchanted pretty much from the moment I sat down. It doesn’t take much to enchant me, granted. I’m a fool for any amount of perceived magic. But stars pushing through almost-black and stained glass windows and velvety drapes and wigs falling from the sky (??) were a given to get me giddy.

And then there’s Mr Bird himself. It’s probably not fair one sole person should contain all that talent – hearing him play the violin pulled a sort of physical reaction from me. His lyrics take you to strange, familiaryetunfamilar places filled with kittens and monsters and the world ending and creatures that evolve before your very eyes.

And he played Lull. That in of itself would have had me delirious.

Wayne has obliged with set lists for both nights and excellent reviews because he is all at once entirely awesome and very organised.

So now the Sufjan countdown is on. 4 sleeps to go. Both Saturday night and Sunday night will find me at the State Theatre hopefully witnessing genius of another kind altogether. This girl is hoping like mad he brings the wings. Because honestly, how can anyone resist a beautiful boy playing beautiful music wearing beautiful wings??!

Not this girl, anyway.

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3 Replies to “If the green grass is 6 and the soybeans are 7

  1. Ah yes that gig was wonderous. I can’t say I was familiar with his stuff prior to the night but the person I was with assured me that I was gonna be impressed.

    And yes I was impressed.

    Anyways – I did comment in here for something else, and The Great Escape sent out a media release FYI. So here you go:

    The Great Escape returns in 2008 to deliver Sydney’s only live-in festival. Once again the event will set up camp at the Newington Armoury in Sydney’s West – but this time you won’t be playing hunt the Easter egg as the event has changed dates, moving to October long weekend.

    So celebrate the labour day weekend in style as the Great Escape serves up a lineup of international and aussie acts across three non stop days and nights of entertainment.

    Previous line-ups have included the likes of Sigur Ros, Wolfmother, Silverchair, The Vines and many more so expect another huge bill for this year’s event.

    The Great Escape also features an on-site camping village plus Cabaret, Comedy, Cult Cinema, Markets, Record & Collectables Fair, Sunrise Yoga, Art & Music Workshops, Waterfront Beer Garden & loads more.

    Line-up and ticketing details for The Great Escape will be announced later in the year so stay tuned to FL for further details.

  2. Philippe I hope you’ve joined the crazy-for-Andrew-Bird fan ranks. I for one have been a card carrying member for some time now.

    Thanks for the news RE: TGE. I really hope they come up with an awesome line up this year – the venue is so good and vibe is always really nice. Except for that one time that guy put his tounge in my ear, but one has to assume that’s the exception to the festival rule. Mountain Goats are strongly rumoured for another tour this year, so perhaps we’ll get them at TGE again? That would make this girl very, very happy.

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