Halle Halle Hallelujah

Dear Sufjan,

I’m really not sure how to find a way through this letter without gushing like my 15 year old self that time I wrote a fan letter to Eddie Vedder. Anyway I still maintain it was totally Jody’s idea and I wouldn’t have done it otherwise, but she hardly had to twist my arm behind my back. Sometimes things in life force the 15 year old fangirl (or boy) out of all of us, and I for one am very glad for this Way Of Things.

I wanted to tell you how thankful I am for what you gave me on the weekend. Well, us. And it’s multi-layered, really, this gift, and it’s not something I can grab with my hands and virtually pin down in the blogosphere for the world to see. Because you can’t pin magic to a page. Even an intertron page. It’s not the nature of it.

I want to know how it is that you made it through your life to this point and you still have that child-like wonder about every day things. You see all the teeny tiny and ordinary things in the world and you celebrate them and turn them into your own kind of poetry. Is it a fight for you? It sometimes feels like a fight for me. Wading through and defending against all the shit that feels like it’s almost trying to turn the world grey. I WANT to live in a world where expressways are fascinating and little grey birds enrapture and people wear reflectors on their clothes and wings on their backs and dance with hula hoops and tell stories about squids and predatory wasps under the sea. And you just make it seem so possible.

And it is, really.

And the music is a revelation. There’s not a lot more I can say about it that hasn’t been said here and here and here and about a million other places. It’s the reason I spend most of my life (and also my salary) seeking out new music and chasing the ultimate live music experience. Because very occasionally, like I did on Saturday and Sunday night, I hit on something completely life changing.

There is a warm buzz in everything that surrounds you. It’s all swirling colours and citrusy light and heralding trumpets. And it’s because you choose to surround yourself with that stuff and live in that world. And you know what? I want heralding trumpets for me from here on in. I mean, it’s not like I wasn’t looking for them already. But it’s a choice, isn’t it. To surround yourself with them. So I choose.

And what is it about your music floating around on the Sydney air that creates magic all around it too? When I got in the cab to go home and spoke to that Indian man about folk music and his family, and when he wished for me a beautiful life before I stepped out onto the street, it all just felt so right. Like how it should always be.

Anyway, thank you. Two words like that seem a little insignificant considering the situation, but it’s all I have on hand really. Well, that and my undying crazyfangirl devotion. And a promise to see you next time around. So it will have to do. Thank you for making music that makes my heart and head sing, for making me laugh, and for being utterly, utterly charming.

You have left me forever changed.

I hope you have a beautiful life.


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6 Replies to “Halle Halle Hallelujah

  1. Hi,
    I work for the people behind the Playground Weekender festival and i would like to talk to you about this years festival.
    We would like to offer you a media pass to this years event.
    Please contact me if you are interested.

  2. You didnt by chance go over to a 15 year old north queensland boy, noticing how lonely he looked?

    If you are that girl, email me…

    I agree, the music was so great…

    so great that i was ignorant enough not to get her email… *sigh*

  3. Hey Rohan –

    The music was pretty amazing, right?

    And I’m sorry to say that I’m definitely not your girl. I hope you find her though.

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