Yes, it will likely be three posts in one night tonight. I figure I’d better get them all in before the inevitable sabotage, as the server security of my web hosting company appears to suck pretty hardcore.

Anyway, last night, while loading CDs into iTunes, I was trawling through old folders of photos on my C drive. There are a lot there – more than I thought. I came across this one –

This is a photo of me and the boy. Well, his shoes and my bag. It’s a good likeness I think. Aha. There are a couple of reasons I love this photo –

A) It’s at the Great Escape festival last year. We weren’t even together then – I mean, we were stepping around one another and what not, but we weren’t actually together.
B) It wasn’t even a photo I meant to take. I think I was just trying to change the setting on my camera or something.
C) Even seeing his shoes like that makes me smile. Is that lame and gushy? I don’t care, actually. Seeing his shoes makes me smile.

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