The world shines

• A phone call from a friend needing a sounding board has kinda bled me and my wee brain dry tonight.
• So all you get is point form.
• As much as Bowie putting his paw on my hand while I’m typing might be the cutest thing in the world, it’s kinda distracting.
• Wonderful weekend.
• Anyone wanting to experience maybe 25 wedding parties at once should plant themselves at Circular Quay just past the International Passenger Terminal on a Saturday afternoon. Weddingpalooza I tell you.
• I am of the opinion, having seen Daniel Day Lewis in There Will Be Blood, that he is some sort of crazy acting genius and if he doesn’t win the Oscar for best actor the world is all topsy turvey.
• Every time I type topsy turvey I want to type Turvey Tops. Anyone who lives in Wagga will understand this.
• I’m hungry, but given my sleep stupidity of late eating right now would be the dumb thing to do.
• The most remarkable thing about coming home to you, is the feeling of being in motion again. It’s the most extraordinary thing in the world. I HAVE TWO BIG HANDS AND A HEART PUMPING BLOOD AND A 1967 COLT 45 WITH A BUSTED SAFTEY CATCH. Etc. Words cannot describe how much I am loving that song tonight.
• It was only when I started loading CDs into my iTunes on my new fancy pants portable hard drive that I realised how many CDs I have that A) I haven’t listened to yet (despite previous promises to do so) and B) how many I have that aren’t already on my iPod. So I’ll be listening to those then, I guess.
• Bed now.

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