Wait, it’s only Tuesday?

Has anyone seen my camera USB cable?

Man oh man am I sick of losing things.

In the process of attempting to unearth a gig t-shirt from early last year (one that I was sure existed but on the other hand thought maybe I’d dreamt up) I found some other t-shirts that I had completely forgotten I owned. I don’t buy t-shirts at gigs really. But I am in possession of a Modest Mouse t-shirt and also a Black Keys t-shirt from the Great Escape last year. I do remember buying that one, now that I think about it. It was a really nice colour green and the picture was pretty.


Today bit the proverbial big one. I get so incredibly frustrated with the stupidity of people. And before someone lovingly points it out, yes, I do appreciate the arrogance in that sentence.

I feel a bit fat blah sitting inside of me and I can’t shift it. And alarmingly enough, listening to The Coroners Gambit by the Mountain Goats is not helping.

Oh, BUT, Heretic Pride is out next week. We all have to cross our fingers and our toes and our eyes that my copy is winging its way to me as I type and not sitting in a warehouse somewhere. I swear to god, if I have to wait to get mine until AFTER they appear on the shelves, well, it won’t be pretty. And not in a violent way. In a stroppy, wailing kinda way. And no one wants that.

It’s been quite some time since I found myself in a real funk. And I mean in one of those all-encompassing, all-consuming kind of mean red moods that stretches for days or even weeks and colours everything with the sort of grey created only by fog and rain. Since I met the boy, really. Which is telling I guess. And as fabulous and lovely as he is, it’s as much about finding an outlet for the stuff I love as it is about finding someone generally. It’s about understanding. Because honestly, on a day like today when you look around yourself and see nothing but supernatural stupidity and appalling mediocrity, it’s the thought of that understanding that stops you acting out your homicidal tendencies.

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