Oh yeah! Who wants free tickets?!

So the obliging people over at Playground Weekender have said I can give two tickets away to anyone who happens to be reading this here blog. Which is kinda fun, don’tchathink? I, myself, never win anything. Although as ‘they’ say, you got to be in it to win it. And I’m rarely in it. Although, I’m a sucker for those old ladies who sit with card tables outside of supermarkets raffling off a rug they’ve made or a food hamper they’ve put together for their local bowling club or whatever. And actually there WAS that time that I won a hairdryer at a trivia night. From memory though it was a question about the Eagles so the less said about that the better.


I figure I’ll give them away as a double pass, because what’s the fun of going to a weekend festival playground without a play mate? No fun, that’s what. And I can tell you, it’ll be a great deal of fun. The venue is amazing, the music will be good, and the ferry ride is an added bonus.

Come on out to the Hawkesbury. I actually live here, so I can tell you from experience, it’s all kinds of nice.

ANYWAY. Aha I have the crap-on-ometre cranked to 10 tonight. If you want the double pass email me at jaune24 at hotmail dot com and tell me somewhere in the email the name of the resort where the festival is being held.

That makes it a competition, right?

You can also email me anything else you like. Like your favourite song lyric or what you had for breakfast or whatever. Not that it’ll help you get the tickets mind, because it’s first in first served in that regard 🙂

Have a good night y’all because I’m going to bed.

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6 Replies to “Oh yeah! Who wants free tickets?!

  1. So I went for a look at the Weekender website and nearly strangulated my knickers when I saw Tom Waits. Then the double vision cleared and I realised it was silly old Maximo Park in a bowler hat.

    I would say, ‘give me tickets or give me death’ but Sydney’s a long way for my car to go right now. So good luck and fair listening to whomever swoops on the tix.

    Oh, and I had four weetbix for breakfast. How boring! I wish you’d asked me yesterday.

  2. Imperial mangoes harvested during a lunar eclipse by virgins, and yoghurt made from the milk of the holiest of Hindu cows. In a smoothie.

    No, really, bacon and eggs on some toasted Turkish bread, with some wilted baby spinach and oven roasted mushrooms and roma tomatoes left over from Friday’s dinner. It looked awesome.

  3. Yummy.

    I am a massive fan of spaghetti on toast myself. The tinned kind that is. I’ve never really liked baked beans but I really love tinned spaghetti. If I had no shame at all I’d tell you about how when I’m insanely hungry when I get home from work kinda late I might just eat it cold straight from the tin.

    Oh, wait.

  4. Hey hey, Ive got a bit of a dilemma actually, so would be great if u could share some of your wisdom with us..
    A mate and I got last minute tickets but have no idea how 2 get there, can u please help a couple of dumb asses, as we gotta leave in the morning?

    Thanks heaps,Oh and if u still got that double pass, ould love it 4 my mate..The place its at is called the Del Rio Resort Wisemans Ferry! But I guess theres no point in having tix if we cant bloody getthere! HELP!!

  5. Mary, I’m sorry, I didn’t get this until after the fact! And you were too late for the tickets. I really hope that A) you got there okay and B) you had an awesome weekend and C) you didn’t get as sun burnt as I did.

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