The one where she manages to acid wash her own jeans

Some things in the world are insanely annoying, but you really shouldn’t moan or bitch about them. Like friends and family having an innate sense of the only night you’re at home ALL WEEK and thus phoning and rabbiting on for hours. And I was truly glad to catch up with Angela, but the clothes, unfortunately, will not wash themselves.

Stars tomorrow night. MF Okkervil River on Wednesday. Only (!) Broken Social Scene on Thursday night. Feist on Friday night. Coma and/or rest on Saturday. St Jeromes Laneway Festival on Sunday. Help.

Also, a person like me should never be allowed to handle bleach. I’m absentminded at the best of times, but when it comes to having gloves on covered in bleach flavoured water, I’m not sure how many times a supposedly grown up and sane person should have to say ‘NO WIPING HANDS ON JEANS’ mentally to themselves.

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