Set yourself on fire

At school, particularly primary school, I was constantly getting in trouble for daydreaming. People place such a negative connotation on that word. Daydreaming. When really it’s a beautiful thing, don’t you think? To be able to transport yourself from wherever you are to somewhere completely different and completely within your control.

It’s okay to dream. Torquil from Stars said so. Last night was a night for dreamers, and it left me feeling so warm and giddy on the inside. That tiny little venue was perfect for the passion emanating from the band as they sang about sex and love and hate and personal ads and threw daisies and roses into the crowd.

Why isn’t there a touch of whimsy like that to everything? Why do these 457 contracts I’m sending out today emit nothing but flat, dull, paperness? The tragedy is, if I threw a little crazy glitter in to the envelope with the paperwork before I sent it off to the client I’m certain the sentiment would be lost on them.

Also, on a morning like this morning I love living in Sydney. Walking up a hill in Potts Point just after 7AM, listening to the thunder rumbling and cracking in the deep purple sky and seeing that hint of yellow, bruised storm light over everything, I felt very glad to be alive. The air was electric, and as a result of that even though I’m running on not enough sleep and have too much work to do I’m feeling very, very good today.

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