I got a question mark

9:45PM and as yet no flight details from the missing sister. No word, even. I’m supposed to be picking her up from the airport tomorrow, which means by now she would have already left Vancouver and be in Singapore. I’m not making a trip to the airport on the off chance she’ll be there, but on the other hand I don’t really want a call at 9PM tomorrow night saying ‘ah, we’re here’. So I will wait. And I will field the calls from frantic parents, grandparents and siblings. And I will smack her up the side of the head if she ever gets home.

I get that she calls me because I don’t give her a hard time and make her feel guilty. But she’s gotta know, if she’s only contacting one person she has to GIVE THEM SOMETHING TO WORK WITH. Please. I have nothing to tell everyone else and I’m sick of making shit up so they’re not worried and/or angry.

We really have some shit to sort out when she gets back. Once I get her to Wagga, she can start dealing with her family issues and the rest of them can back the fuck off.

Colour me officially over it.

We had someone in to work today to get rid of the weeds. I made a comment about the courtyard last week – it has turned from a pounded earth patio into something resembling a cricket pitch. I guess it’s a combination of the rain and the warm weather we’ve been having. So we got someone in to fix it.

I wrongly assumed that by calling someone in to remove the weeds they would actually pull them out. Apparently no – seems the way to get rid of weeds is to poison them. I get nervous as hell when it comes to chemicals. I don’t like using fly spray, I’m funny about rinsing or wiping dishes after they’ve been washed and I rinse everything before I eat it etc. That might make me a bit paranoid, but I honestly don’t see how using all these chemicals can end well. So today we had a guy walking around outside wearing a mask and spraying poison and I felt a bit ick about it.

Brenda goes away on Tuesday next week for 3 and a half weeks. I am all kinds of relieved about this, because even though my responsibility steps up when she’s gone, having her in the office means a lot of hard work. Not just direct work – there’s a lot of side stepping and placating that goes on when she’s here. It will be nice to have a rest from that.

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