I want a good life with a nose for things

Mondays. There’s a reason people hate this day. Honestly, this week I was dreading it and it lived up to every nightmarish horror I thought it might be. I need to find a way to let it go tonight, because another night of fitful sleep is really not on.

I mean, c’mon. I’m seeing WILCO tomorrow night. Got to be all up on my game and alla that.

I’ve been trying to placate myself tonight with the idea that even if the weekend was Monday and Tuesday, we’d all hate Wednesdays. I’ve never really liked Wednesdays anyway. Tuesdays are worse, but Wednesdays are not a lot of fun either. I guess we’re better keeping Monday as the hateful day rather than tarring the rest of the week with the same brush. Or something.

Tonight all the work just seems a little insurmountable. I’m going to need those 2 hours at the Enmore tomorrow night to remind me of the beauty in the world.

Hear that Mr Tweedy? I’m relying on you.

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3 Replies to “I want a good life with a nose for things

  1. Dude, you have enough trouble navigating a map, let alone a space time continuum where one day is another and a third is the second etc.

  2. and how ben.

    one time i had gave miss clip clop instructions on how to get home. out of the drive way, first left, first right, and then first left. sounds simple. 5 minutes later i had to go out as well, and as i drove down the road, i saw her coming back up the road towards me lost..


  3. Al you’re like my own personal GPS system. I don’t need one when I can phone you. Although I’m not sure what will happen if I ever get lost in Melbourne or something.

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