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Hi Mountain Goats ticket holder,

Please see note below that we have just received from the promoter of the Mountain Goats show regarding their cancellation;

“For personal medical reasons the Mountain Goats are unable to do the Australian tour as scheduled. The band wants Australia to know how much we regret this: coming to Oz is a big highlight of the year for us and we were really looking forward to playing these shows. We will make it up to you all!”


There goes the Mountain Goats birthday extravaganza weekend.

But oh well. Tomorrow is Thursday. The day before a FOUR DAY WEEKEND. And I am going to spend time talking to and/or curling up with the boy, seeing some wonderful live and local music, and eating fairy floss. I can’t hardly wait.

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  1. ;-(

    and here was i thinking the music gods had set up permanent digs down thisaways…

    perhaps they’re just saving them for a rescheduled tour to break the drought that must one day come?

  2. Ben we can only hope.

    I am more than a little bit devastated about this, but I’m trying to be philosophical about it. I figure they’ll be back soon enough, and if JD is anything, it’s good to his fans. They’ll make it up to us.

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