Random randomility

1. For some inexplicable reason I cannot stop listening to the cover of In Between Days by Ben Folds.
2. I have just eaten my last Easter egg.
3. That makes me sad.
4. But also a little relieved because really, I dona be needin’ alla that chocolate.
5. 11 hour days suck.
6. 4 day weeks are like a god damn double-edged sword – how I’m going to fit everything into this week is a little beyond me.
7. No more drama tomorrow please. Why does everything have to be so dramatic? Why can’t things just play nice?
8. I could do with a hug tonight. I will, however, just have to wait until Friday.
9. Friday’s are the Good Days.
10. When I have washing to do and ironing to do and baby shower food to cook (long story) the last thing I should be doing is looking at Gibson acoustic guitars. But LOOK HOW PRETTY.
11. Someone want to give me, I don’t know, $3000 to buy a guitar!?
12. I still want to learn to play the banjo.
13. Perhaps I should start with playing the guitar again. Walk first, then run. Or something.
14. Wow the rain is really pelting down outside.
15. I want to stop coughing. Really badly. ENOUGH of this chest/flu thing already. I GET IT.

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