Silence is golden

Pretty much since Friday morning I have been surrounded by people. It’s great, and I truly love the company, but coming home tonight felt like exhaling.

Melancholy. I think it’s a combination of using my brain full tilt for 3 days, spending the weekend with people, and listening to Death Cab for Cutie for 3 days straight.

I bought the Inhaled compilation from 1997 yesterday when I was in Newtown. My brother had it years ago (and probably still has it) and when I saw it for $15 I couldn’t resist. I listed to Titanic Days by Sidewinder, Popular by Nada Surf and The Outdoor Type by the Lemonheads all the way home. I also found Everywhere and His Nasty Parlour Tricks by Modest Mouse, which I’m really excited about listening to.

The course was actually fun. The really positive comments from the course coordinators combined with my really good mock exam results make me feel a lot more comfortable about the exam. All those doubters can bite me.

I also met some really cool people. Trish from Brisbane who I know I will keep in touch with, John from Newcastle and Annette from Blaxland. It’s nice to have comrades. I liked the format of the course, in that there was usually about an hour and a half of solid knowledge stuff, and then a quick test. Also, they fired questions at you regularly and there’s nothing I like better than being put on the spot like that and knowing the answer.

And the room where it was held was great. It was wide, rather than long, and all the tables were put in a half moon shape around the lectern in the middle. But the front wall, behind the lecturer, was one great big window. And the window looked out on a small park in front of the Entertainment Centre, which seemed to act as a bit of a walkway between China Town and Darling Harbour. So, while we were shut in a room all day, it felt a lot like we were in a half way place between inside and outside. It made it all a lot more bearable.

And there were some seriously interesting things outside that window. Some of the things I saw were –
??? Lines and lines of people queuing for a bridal show on the Saturday. Usually groups of animated girls and women, but occasionally a harangued looking guy. I felt a bit bad for them – I mean, there is going to be a lot of ‘well, what do you think?’ and him going (and truthfully meaning) ‘really, I don’t mind, whatever you think’ and her going ‘I knew it! You don’t care about this wedding and you don’t care about me!’ Cue tears.
??? A group of around 10 Asian monks in deep red robes with orange sashes. The colours were amazing.
??? Around 4 people each day sleeping. These ranged from a young guy wearing headphones with nothing but a back pack, to an old woman with a lot of bags who appeared to be either homeless or in transit. Also, there was one guy who came each day with a white sheet to lay on the ground. That’s what I call organised.
??? Two Asian girls dancing. They were using the long glass doors from the side of the Entertainment Centre as mirrors, and it looked like they were practising for something. They were pretty good.
??? A couple kissing for a long while on a rug out in the open.
??? A crew consisting of a boom/sound guy, a camera operator and an interviewer interviewing random passers by for about 3 hours on Sunday.

With all of that you’d think I paid no attention to the course at all.

The thought of going into work tomorrow was abated somewhat by the idea of my boss being on a plane over the Atlantic. Now she’s not flying out until Wednesday. Not only that, I’m off to Canberra tomorrow with her to meet with a director of DIMA and the director of Racing Victoria to fix this Turkish jockey problem. It really has been the biggest balls up, but we’re hoping after tomorrow there will be a positive result for everyone. I think the fact that we’re bringing the Turkish Ambassador to this meeting has surprised them a little – they thought we were bluffing.

I’m not sure if I’m more anxious about the meeting or the 6 hours in the car with Brenda. I just know I’m going to say something I’ll regret later. Man, I wish sometimes I could just keep my trap shut.

Sleep now though. Gravity is pulling me.

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