First, I can’t for the life of me understand why flannelette pyjamas aren’t socially acceptable dress for every aspect of every day. Particularly for work, and particularly hot pink ones with zebras on them.

Second, hi. I am still alive, honest. The last two weeks have utterly kicked my ass, and culminated last night in me falling asleep not only on the boy, but on his birthday. Shame on me.

Happy birthday mister – you = joy.

I’ve been more then a bit absent from the interwebs. It’s not really a ‘oh man my life is far too busy being fabulous’ thing – I’m just pulled in a few too many directions at the moment. And the one direction I want to go, the one place I want to be, is the one direction unselfishly not pulling. At least, not in that annoying way.

A feel a little like I’m tilting on a precipice. The precipice of something wonderful on one hand – the idea of owning a little house in Newtown is crystallizing into a reality that’s hard to comprehend at times. But on the other hand I’m a little nervous about losing my balance and pitching over the edge – I have a feeling, if I can’t balance everything I’ve got going on right now, it will be a looooooong way down.

One day at a time though. At least, that’s the plan. Well, that, and potentially dropping a carpet bomb on my office.

That’s a bit violent isn’t it.

I gotta find time for the music. You know how much music I’ve listened to this week? Actually, my Last FM page can tell you that – sweet fuck all. Also, the definition of frustration is wanting to hear Twist by Frightened Rabbit – like, craving the song – and not owning the album.

Oh, wait. Let’s all thank the intertron gods for MySpace. And Fat Cat Records for their online ordering facility.

Driving home tonight (well, driving to work) I had all intentions of a well-written, eloquent and profound post that was at least 3 pages long. I guess two thirds of a disjointed, random bunch of words is better then nothing. Right?

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3 Replies to “Twist

  1. Ahh don’t worry Karen,

    We sometimes get like that sometimes.

    Good lick with the property purchase if it goes ahead. I just bought myself a pad in Darlinghurst. Liberating feeling I tells ya!

    Oh By the way, you know The Great Escape announced it line up?

  2. Buying property is a scary exercise, but it’s also really exciting. I love the Newtown/Erskineville area and I so can’t wait to live there. And congrats on your purchase in Darlinghurst – there are some good cafes and restaurants there. I love the pumpkin soup and rosti at Una’s.

    And yes I saw the line up for TGE. There’s some good stuff there, but we’ve been thrown into a spin with Connor Oberst announcing a show on Saturday night at the Enmore. We’ll be buying tickets, but if they put New Pornographers or something else awesome on the main stage of TGE on that night it will be a bit of a drama. Still, I really like the festival and I hope the weather is better this year.

  3. ta thanks for the foodie tips.

    I’m thinking a regular trip to Govinda’s will be on the cards once I move in.

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