Actually, exhausted. To summarise today –

3 hours of writing, compiling and binding (with Carole’s help) a hastily written document requesting policy change.

Talking Brenda down from setting the photocopier alight when it jammed.

9 and a half hours of driving. 7 of those with Brenda in the car. DAMN ALL AUSTRALIAN DOMESTIC AIRLINES TO HELL for not offering enough services from Sydney to Canberra.

Canberra – the city with no soul.

3 hour meeting with DIMA big wigs. That woman had the strangest mannerisms I’ve seen in a long time, but she knew her 442 shit inside out.

Positive news regarding the fucked Turkish jockey situation. This is a big relief.

Very strange conversations with the boss concerning kitchen design, different ways people love each other and growing roses during said 7 hours driving.

Mix 106.5, Love Song Dedications.

Human Nature (at this point my involuntary gag reflex kicks in).

5 minutes at the office to check email, drop Brenda off and get changed.

Back in the car to drive to Hellen’s place because (and sometimes I truly astound myself when it comes to misplacing and forgetting things) I forgot my phone charger and my iPod. Not such a big deal normally, except Brenda needs the charger to take to Turkey tomorrow. Long story.

Maybe half an hour at Hellen’s place which involves talking and laughing and making fun and being made fun of. All of a sudden my debilitating exhaustion becomes mild tiredness.

Drive home. Log in. Stare.

And tomorrow, reprieve.

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